This most advanced and highly efficient restaurant software compiles the total activity of a restaurant into one machine. With a wireless touch device like an iPad or a tablet,all the activities from order taking, processing and printing the order in the kitchen to automated billing is completed by a single stage entry on the touch screen device.Restaurant point of sale Technology to help your business grow and prosper has never been easier..

ALPHA-RESTO is a customizable touch screen point-of-sale application with cutting edge performance for assured results.


  • Customize Food Menus to fit your business.
  • Supports Multiple Staff Shifts.
  • Manages Table order, Takeaway, Delivery, staff, complementary, wastage, banquet etc.
  • Supports Sales by cash or Credit cards, multiple currency, credit Sales Billing.
  • Allows KOT tickets Display with bump button or print KOT for kitchen.
  • Multiple or single departments KOT printing (i.e. kitchen area, sandwich area, etc.)
  • Supports cafe pos online table Reservations (additional option).
  • Supports weight scales for Sweets and Weighed food items.
  • Supports designing table orders visual layout like your restaurant.
  • Selection of side item along with menu items, drink modifiers, and cooking instructions.
  • Supports a special service charges/tax for dine-out or dine-in orders.
  • Easily Whole bill discount minus by percentage or an Amount, Item discount.
  • Supports Happy Hour Pricing, order splits or combines for Items.
  • Prints reports showing Z Report, Day end, Shift wise, daily sales, monthly sales, yearly sales, sales per cashier, sales per terminal, tables per server etc.
  • Complete TAX CODES (VAT) taxation feature for countries where taxation is required.


Multiple Locations with Multiple Counters Support, 3 levels of Items pricing, Fingerprint, RFID, Magnetic Cards interface for Users, Wighing Scale integration, Dual Display support.

E-Menu and E-Waiter *

ALPHA-ROS E-Waiter Order Management Application / Digital Order Taking System. E-waiter Tablet for waiters and restaurants, and it is replacement for classic paper waiter pads which they use for taking orders. Read more.. ALPHA-ROS E-Menu Management / Digital TAB Menu uses replacing Paper menu to Digital and customer self food ordering for replacing waiters. Read more..


The software Fully Integrated with our ALPHA-PRO Back-Office Purchases Stock with RECIPE MANAGEMENT and Accounting ERP software for Detailed Stock and Financial Accounting. Read more..


Many restaurants are benefitted seeking to establish rewards programs as a means of strengthening their relationships with customers. So retailers must apply strong focus and make the right investments in their rewards programs to stay at the forefront and keep their customers loyal. ALPHA-LOYALTY provides you the ability to add any sort of discount & promotional coupons along with your loyalty transaction bill with optional facility to email it to your customers..

Multi-language support *

All modules of ALPHA-RESTO( Billing, Receipts) are supported in Arabic. Additionally, we can customize the package for any language..


WINDOWS and WEB EDITIONS Software Versions available. Supports CROSS-PLATFORMS (Windos MOBILE, Android TAB, IPAD) regardless of any standard web Browsers is True Responsive Design..

Security and users

ALPHA-RESTO coffee shop billing software Keep a firm grip on who is logging into your system and at what time by viewing the event log. Protect your business with owner-defined security and determine what permissions each security profile will have. Each Screen and functions like Credit, Void, cancel, Price change, Discounts, Day end closing and Reports are completely under Security user levels. The user Levels are configured as follows: Cashier / Chief Cashier / Supervisor / Manager / Programmer


ALPHA-RESTO is a powerhouse software for viewing real time sales status from any mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Tabs, android etc.) from anywhere in the world.

  • Easy to learn - You do not have to send your staff out for expensive training.
  • Easy to use - Requires minimum keystrokes and the mouse is never required.
  • Flexible - Handles any combination of discounts, taxes, credits and sale specials in one easy transaction.
  • Automatic - Applies automatic discounts or preferred price levels to special customers.
  • Pricing Manager - Restaurant billing instantly adjust prices and discounts across products.
  • Powerful integration – Integrated with latest hardware’s dual screens for Customer Display.
  • Easy to Manage - Rush hours are easly manages with less staff for fully automates ordering system.
  • Multi-branches - With Centralized Sever based Database which is able to give a glance how each branches as well as your company as a whole is doing.
  • Robust technology - Alpha-Resto is built on Web Based / Windows .Net / MSSQL Client/Server platform. It can serve you for any volume of data without compromising on speed and working quality.
Who it's for ?
  • Fast food corners.
  • Refreshment centers.
  • Ice-cream parlors .
  • Fine dining restaurant.
  • Quick service chain.
  • High volume clubs.
  • Small, Medium or Large Restaurant.
  • Multiple location restaurant.
  • Fully Automates your order system - Orders entered by your order taking automatically printed at the kitchen.
  • Increasing the speed - Orders entered will automatically printed or display at the cook's station. This will increasing speed and Manage the delivery more efficiently. Forget the time your staff walking back and forth to the kitchen.
  • Accurate inventory control - Lets you plan your purchasing and Recipe to always have the freshest ingredients?
  • No more old food by mistake- Product Back-office Stock tracking lets you get rid of old food before you accidentally serve it to someone.
  • The customer Billing experience is fast, smooth, and professional increasing your Restaurant's productivity and your customers' satisfaction.
  • Manage your restaurant chains and franchises from a head office or a single place through web based network.


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Transform your business with Alpha Cloud Solutions

We provide ALPHA-RESTO in 3 Editions - Desktop, Web based live and Cloud based (monthly / yearly subscription).

Select cloud option if you:

  • Are concerned about the impact on cash flow
  • Don't want to acquire and maintain your own infrastructure or manage internal ERP support Staff
  • Want to consolidate multiple site operations without the concern and risk of setting up your Own Central site
  • Need to scale usage up or down without having to stop to upgrade the underlying Infrastructure
  • Want to have control over when you receive software upgrades